Top 10 The Most Popular Gemstones in 2018

Everything about Gemstone / Thursday, August 30th, 2018

If you are going to purchase a gemstone in this year, I believe you would like to know which kind of gem not only is good looking, but also could be a good investment. Here are the top10 gemstones that you must want to know about. Remember, they are not just expensive and valuable, they the rarest gemstones in the world so far…

10. Musgravite

Musgravite (It’s Mohs hardness is 8-8.5) was first discovered in Musgrave Mountains, South Australia in 1967. People later found small samples of Musgravite in Greenland, Madagascar, and Antarctica.Until 2005, only 8 clear-cut, pure-colored stones were made by human in this world. The jewelry export company in Sri Lanka has one of the world’s largest Musgravite gemstones. It was tested and certified by the Gubelin Gem Laboratory in Lucerne, Switzerland, on September 6, 2007.Musgravite’s price is about $6,000 per carat.



9. Tanzanite

Tanzanite was discovered relatively late and was not known until 1967. But it then quickly became famous in the international market. Gemologists called it the “Century Gem” of the 20th century. Its unique origin and color have fascinated many jewelry lovers.About 90% of Tanzanite in this world is sold by those jewelers who are the members of ICA (the International Colored Gemstone Association, the leader in colored gemstone industry, and its members are extremely ethical.) This fairly reliable sales channel avoids Tanzanite being handled by unprofessional businessmen.In recent years, the price of Tanzanite has risen steadily. In large jewelry stores, you can even see tanzanite jewelry worth ten thousand dollars. However, if Tanzanite hardness was high enough (about 6.5-7), its current price is likely to be comparable to that of sapphire.

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8. Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rising star in the world of jewels. It has very varied colors – Emerald by day, ruby by night.In the 1930s, Alexandrite was discovered by a group of workers who worked in the emerald mine in Ur Mountains and it was presented to the tsarist government at that time. At the time of discovery, Prince Alexander (later Tsar Alexander II) was happening to become an adult, so Alexandrite was inlaid in the crown and was named “Alexandrite”. Now Russia’s Alexandrite mines have dried up, and its main producing areas have moved to Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Tanzania.Just like all the precious stones, Alexandrite’s price is mainly decided the perfection of the color change effect, transparency, clarity, weight, and cut.

Alexandrite price is about $12,000 per carat now.

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7. Morganite

Although many people may not have heard of Morganite, they must have known Emerald and Sapphire. They may look very different, but in fact, they all belong to the beryl family.

Basically, Morganite is actually a pink beryl. Its colors range from light orange, to rose and pink. Its Mohs hardness (7.5-8) makes this gem very suitable for inlay.

Morganite was just founded in 100 years ago. Because of its unique feminine color, this type of gemstone helps to improve interpersonal relationships, so people also said that Morganite is a love stone.

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6. Black Opal

Opal is Australia’s national stone and October birthstone. Black Opal is produced in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales and is the most famous and expensive Opal.Black Opal does not mean that it is completely black, but it has a darker shade of embryo than the lighter Opal. Also, because of their shape and scarcity, high-quality Black Opals are very rare and expensive.

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5. Taaffeite

Many people are unfamiliar with Taaffeite. Its production in the world is very small. Until the 1980s, only 20 Taaffeite stones was found. However, with the deepening of research and the widespread dissemination of information, more and more Taaffeite have been discovered. The most important production areas are Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania.Taaffeite also has many different kind of colors – purple, blue, pink, brown green, black, colorless and red.Although the majority of the Taaffeite discovered have deficiencies in clarity and color, they are still being the favorite of gemstone collectors.


4. Emerald

Compare to other gemstones, Emeralds has a very long history. According to historical records, as early as 4,000 years ago, Emeralds were discovered in Egypt.Now there are many natural Emerald producing areas. High-quality Emeralds are produced in Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. Colombia produces the best Emeralds in this world.Emerald is a sign of status and power and has been being the favorite of Royal Families. It is also the most loved jewel of Cleopatra; the most fascinating gems for the women in Russian court. Queen Victoria, Princess Diana and the European royal family all wore Emeralds for the enthronement ceremony. For the famous artist Elizabeth Taylor and the famous movie star Angelina Jolie, it symbolizes vitality and pure elegance.

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3. Sapphire

Sapphire is the general name for other color corundum gemstones (except for red ruby) in the corundum gemstone. Its main component is alumina (Al2O3). The blue sapphire is due to the presence of a small amount of titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe) mixed in it. Generally, its color can be pink, yellow, green, white, and even with multiple colors in the same stone.Sapphires are produced in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Laos, and Cambodia. The rarest sapphires are in Kashmir, and Burma is the place where the highest quality sapphire is produced today.Natural sapphire can be divided into blue sapphire and brilliant (non-blue) sapphire. In the gem market, dark blue and purple sapphires are called “male sapphire” and light sapphire is called “female sapphire”. The international gemstone community defines sapphire as the “September birthstone”, symbolizing loyalty and steadfastness.

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2. Ruby

Because of its composition containing chromium, Rubies always are red or pink. The higher the content, the more vivid the color. Blood red rubies are the most expensive ruby.Before the Middle Ages, due to the undeveloped scientific knowledge of gemstones, the red gemstones were all called ruby. In ancient India, people believed that there was an immortal fire in ruby. In the past, there was such a tradition in the West that the ruby ring was worn on the left hand, indicating that man’s nature was good, his inner peace was calm, and he could resist the temptation to come from outside.In addition, ruby is also a symbol of supreme authority and wealth. Therefore, in Britain, France, and other countries, rubies are the main gems used to decorate the crown or the royal symbol. Israel in particular uses rubies as a symbol of the tribe.

Ruby is the birthstone of July and it represents goodness, permanence, and steadfastness.

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Diamond is recognized as the king of precious gemstones. The chemical composition of diamonds is 99.98% carbon. In other words, a diamond is actually a very dense carbon crystal.The Mohs hardness of a diamond is 10, which is the highest hardness in natural minerals. But we can’t assume that diamonds are hard and never break. In fact, the brittleness of diamonds is also quite high, so crashes with force will still break them.According to their original stone shape, Diamonds are cut into different shapes. Among them, the 5 most popular cuts are- round, oval, marquise, heart-shaped and pear-shaped. And Round diamonds are the most common shapes.

In addition, diamonds are natural minerals. The main origins of diamonds are Australia, South Africa and India, while the United States, India, Israel and Belgium are the bases for diamond processing and cutting. Belgium, in particular, is a globally recognized carving and diamond trading center.

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