Sunflower Ring Sterling Silver

If you are a big fan of sunflower ring sterling silver, you must also know Tiffany. And in New York, receiving a Tiffany Blue Box will makes people feel extremely honored. Because they have a very good quality and design.

5. Classic Sunflower Ring Sterling Silver – Tiffany

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Tiffany, ZIEGFELD COLLECTION Pearl Ring, $625

This sunflower ring sterling silver is inlaid with pearls and a black onyx into a pattern of sunflowers. It is classic and elegant, perfect for everyday wear. The combination of pearls, black onyx and silver can highlight the gorgeous and noble temperament of women. The classic shape can make the taste never out of date.

Tiffany’s story

In 1837, Charles Louis Tiffany started his business in Manhattan. To highlight the their value, they marked the goods with decline to bargain. Tiffany’s target is to create souvenirs with timeless value. Therefore, for Tiffany, the best design is to create modern designs from the past experience. Also, designers from all over the world have created excellent designs for them. And the original spirit behind them always gives people timeless feeling. So, Tiffany’s products adhere to the tradition of quality, and elegant taste.

Tiffany’s value

Tiffany insists on witnessing history, and “to see every important moment in your life”. In 1885, the U.S. government commissioned Tiffany & Co. which made Tiffany a great honor. This brand has tailor-made jewelry for multinational heads of state. Twenty-five members of the royal family became Tiffany’s customers. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the Tsar of Russia, the President of Egypt, the King of Persia and the emperors of Italy, Dan, Belgium and Greece all adored Tiffany. In addition, Tiffany has also become a “required course” for American high-class jewelry and taste products.

Tiffany’s history

Also, In 1878, Tiffany bought the world’s largest yellow diamond with a total weight of 287.41 carats, at the price of 18,000 USD. They cut it into a rare 90 faceted Tiffany Diamond, which had 32 more facets than the traditional multifaceted diamond, Tiffany Diamond was on international stage. Therefore, each time, it became the focus of attention. For more than 100 years, they display this giant diamond on the first floor of Tiffany’s Main Store – It is on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

And it has become Tiffany’s highest quality standard. It is also a sign of their excellent craftsmanship. Today, People regards Tiffany’s works as treasures for large museums, high-profile individuals, and unique collectors around the world.

Also, they regards Tiffany as a famous American designer and a leading jeweler. It is indeed a well-deserved reputation. It is a classic brand rather than a fashion brand. Because classics can stand the test of time.

After all, Tiffany started with silver ornaments, although its product line has now expanded to diamond jewelry, when people need to buy silver jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is Tiffany. In addition, their sunflower ring sterling silver jewelry has  simple, classic, smooth lines and has been the top option of ladies’ silver accessory.

4 Sunflower Ring sterling Silver – Georg Jensen

Mr. George Jensen is not only a founder of jewelry brand, but also a collaborator, sculptor, and artist. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and recognized as the greatest silversmith in the past 300 years.

However, among Georg Jensen’s many designers, one has to mention– Nina Koppel, the daughter of Henning Koppel, the leader of modern design movements in Scandinavia. And her most famous design feature is the perfect combination of mystery and simplicity. Her FUSION collection, created in 1970, embodies the rhythmic integration of different elements of the spiritual and the material world,  and also expresses a new thinking in modern jewelry art.

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Nina Koppel uses 18K gold, rose gold and white gold to create the four seasons. 18K gold represents the warm spring and summer. And 18K white gold represents the winter. And 18K rose gold shows  cold autumn. What distinguishes Nina Koppel is – it captures the rhythm of different elements of people’s spirits, combining simple lines and elaborate nesting methods. This combination exactly meets people’s need for diversified jewelry wear. The wearer can increase the inner ring. It is possible to create your own FUSION ring.


About Sunflower Ring Sterling Silver

There is a proverb saying: If the silver speaks, it must speak Danish. So as the leader of Danish silver ornaments, George Jason’s silver works are independent of time, space and trends. The mosaic and colored stones conveys the colorful fruit and flower design.

Also, each piece of jewelry is hand cast. The design adopted reveals the background features of each era, adding the artistic quality of the work. For example, the Moonlight Blossom collection is made from sterling silver and precious stones. But its original design appeared more than a hundred years ago, and its long-established design retains its retro style.

However, the new design allows the moonlight blossom collection to be timeless, and reveals an artistic conception. Also, George Jensen got his inspiration from sunflower, the symbol of hope and warmth.. And the overall design was simple and compact, making George Jensen’s beauty pursuit was even more prominent.

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3 Sunflower Ring sterling Silver – Pandora


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Pandora sterling silver rings

Pandora’s sunflower ring sterling silver, made of sterling silver, this sunflower ring is embellished with purple gems and is perfect for young girls! And more importantly, Pandora is a popular brand and its prices are very reasonable.

For luxury jewelry, Pandora has achieved double-digit growth in its annual sales for the past four years, and its profit has maintained an average double-digit growth. The company’s stock price has increased 3 times since 2010. Also, in the second half of this year, the group’s market value once exceeded 100 billion RMB.

The group has also become a jeweler whose globalisation is second only to Swarovski. The first, third and fourth are Swarovski, Tiffany and Cartier. As of now, Pandora has rapidly developed into the world’s third-largest jewelry brand.

Pandora’s story

In 1982, goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark founded this brand.

Initially, the couple often traveled to Thailand to look for imported jewelry. But as the demand for product orders increased, they gradually began to represent Thailand’s jewellery wholesalers for Danish customers.

And in 1987, after several years of wholesale business, the couple raised a lot of money, and the company also moved to a larger venue, and also hired the first jewelry designer. Since then, Pandora has officially begun to focus on creating and designing his own unique jewelry.

In 1989, the company decided to start building factories in Thailand to produce jewelry.

In 2000, Pandora launched its concept of charm bracelet for the first time in Denmark, which got positive market influence. Also, under the encouragement of the growth of consumer demand, the group began to enter the global market.

First, Pandora officially entered the US market in 2003 and subsequently expanded to Germany and Australia. And in the next few years, Pandora quickly became Thailand’s leading third-party distributor.

To further increase its production capacity, Pandora established a six-floor manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2005. In fact, this is also a moat for Pandora’s profit growth because its cost is very low in Southeast Asia’s cheap labor-intensive market.

Pandora’s Strategy

But why did Pandora grow so fast in recent years?

More bluntly, how did Pandora make female consumers addicted?

Some analysts believe that the important reason for its success is Pandora’s sense of participation. The secret is to make its own products become the medium of interaction with consumers. So, that is to say, their products themselves have a sense of participation, and therefore they are highly sought after by consumers.

In addition, Pandora introduced a unique patent concept that can choose pendants and bracelets, any combination of personalized bracelets. Pandora’s Pendant Bracelet design is intended to enable female consumers –  to achieve a personality, and allowing them to participate in the design of their own jewelry and express their aesthetic.

In the design concept of Pandora jewelry, the opportunity to provide customers with personalized jewelry is a very important part.


2 Sunflower Ring sterling Silver – Oxette

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In the distant era, Greeks first used silver to decorate their customers. Oxette has led the Greek and even European silver jewelry market. It has developed into an internationally brand in more than 30 countries around the world. The life that Oxette created was taste, which made the concept of life deeply rooted in Europe.

The company is now entering a period of rapid growth. Oxette’s retail performance also leads the way. Its excellent quality and unique design are highly trusted and recognized by consumers.

And more than 100 outlets throughout Greece. Overseas offices around the world, including Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Dublin, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Kuwait, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, San Diego, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, London, Cairo, Sofia, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid. , Miami, Buenos Aires, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, etc. However, fashion trends are changing every year.

How to make consumers always being fashionable and spend little money, and they can make money? Oxette did it, mainly in six areas: leading the fashion trend, full of unique charm and personality design, product variety, material diversity, a wide range of customers and reasonable prices, good service and complete European hand-made.


1 Sunflower Ring sterling Silver – Meadowlark

Meadowlark, founded in 2006, is a pretty new established jewelry brand. It is grounded in a very 90s commitment to authenticity. They create jewelry both for men and women. Meadowlark has a very stylish design, and has been loved by those hot fashion icons, including Lorde, Rihanna, Aldous Harding, Zoe Kravitz, Grimes and FKA Twigs.

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