Sunflower Jewels

Those sunflower jewels lovers know that jewelry is not just a simple decoration. The jewels designers have create them into beautiful art works.

Also, nature has always been a source of inspiration for jewelry designers. Whether spring or autumn, the designers and craftsmen can transform them into colorful jewelry. However, sunflower as a symbol of warmth and passion has also been continuously used in high-end jewelry designs.

Sunflower Jewels with Brilliance Colors Keep Your Spirit Up!

Who says jewelry is only white? The jewellery masters use bright color as the main color for high-end sunflower jewels, such as pink, green and purple.  Also, these colors not only can give people a brighter feeling, but also awake your body’s energy. They can make you to be the most shining scenery in spring and summer!

Sunflower Jewels with Bright yellow:

Chanel‘s 1980’s retro jewels combine lions and sunflowers with wild and soft designs, while gold is more feminine and elegant.

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Sunflower Jewels with Red

Chaumet launched the Aria Passionata collection this year. They are passionate red with passionate design. This series of jewelry is mainly made of garnet and ruby – “to be decorated with enthusiasm”, this sentence contains the “Milan Aria” series to convey the immortal essence – is both passionate passion to Milan Scala Praise, it is also to express love to Italian opera.

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Sunflower Jewels with Green

Dior‘s latest collection of premium jewelry, the DIOR ET D’OPALES collection, continues Dior’s elegant style and to sculpt jewelry into handicrafts. After all, they are all colorful and unique.

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Sunflower Jewels with Pink:

Piaget‘s new Art & Excellence jewellery collection for 2017- Sunlight Journey. It was inspired by the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy.

Furthermore, these pink sunflower jewels use red spinel, yellow diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, opals and more than 10 colored gems. Representing the time from morning to evening, the light of the sea and the buildings along the coast.

sunflower jewels 13


Sunflower Jewels with Blue

Tiffany 2014 Blue Book is a high-end jewellery line. It has been released with gorgeous colors and vibrant life.

Also, rare diamonds and colored stones give these jewellery endless magic. The soil and the flames have achieved their extraordinary beauty.

In addition, Blue Book represents the world’s most beautiful high-end jewellery. And this once-a-year release is a major event for jewelry collectors and connoisseurs around the world. The design of multiple jewels was inspired by Tiffany’s antique collections.

After all, all Blue Book fine jewellery pieces were hand-crafted by skilled Tiffany jewelry masters. Each Blue Book jewelry is just this one, no different.

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Which gemstone is your thing?


Garnet is from the Latin word Granatum, means “seeds”. However, people had given it different names since garnet was found. But people never remember the names until pomegranate shows up.

No matter from which angle, it vividly portrays its luscious luster, fresh and bright color, and its complex chemical composition, various types and different characters, and it is as rich and full of pomegranate seeds. So people eventually named it Garnet.

Furthermore, Garnet is also regarded as a symbol of love. And from the poet Goethe to Queen Mary of France, all of them were big fan of garnet..

The garnet has a bright and pure color, so people use it in many high-grade jewellery pieces, and it is combined with other gems to form various sculptural works.sunflower jewels 17

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At the end of the 19th century, demantoid was a very expensive gem. It is a kind of green garnet that is better than diamond astigmatism.

Also, many big jewelers use it as an important gem for jewels, such as Russian Royal Jewelers Peter Carl Fabergé, Cartier, Tiffany, etc.

The demantoid is less scarce than tsavorite, and the quality of the demantoid is even rarer. Also,  most of the decanters are less than 1 carat, and 2 carats of quality demantoid are very rare, and 5 carats are world-class.

In 1853, Russian talent discovered the garnet in the Ural Mountains. However, due to the impact of the First World War and the gradual depletion of the minerals in the Ural Mountains, the decanterite faded out of sight. Until the mid-1990s, a shepherd discovered garnets in the mines in Namibia. And in 2009, more than a decade later, Madagascar discovered a series of high-quality demantoid. And this caused the decantos to sweep again.
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Opal, one of the most beautiful and precious gems in the world. Gel-like or liquid silica is retained in the fractures and caves of the formation and solidified into amorphous amorphous gemstones, which also contain animal and plant residues such as trees, carapace and bones. The water content in high-grade 5 opals can be as high as 10%. Opal typically has a refractive index range of 1.38 to 1.60 and a Mohs hardness range of 5.5 to 6.5.

Furthermore, 95% of the world’s opal is produced in Australia.

In Europe, Opal was known as early as the Roman Empire and was extremely valuable. According to Pliny’s record, the Nunn, a veteran of the Senate, had a very beautiful Opal. He loved it very much. However, at that time, Anthony, the ruler, asked him to give it up, otherwise he would exile him. As a result, Nuninen chose to go to exile and refused to give Opal to Anthony.

Why do many people think Opal is the most beautiful and attractive of all gems?

Because its beauty is unique. The good Opal has a flame-like appearance. This appearance has only been found in a very small number of substances, but it has not been found in other precious stones. Therefore, it has caused people’s interest in ancient times.

Pliny described Opal as “a fire of ruby, the bright purple of amethyst, and the sea-green of emerald, all of which are incredibly luminous together.” Also, the Romans called Opal as The son of Cupid. And it honors it as a symbol of hope and purity. At that time, Opal was thought to prevent wearers from getting sick.

Orientals respect Opal  more and regard it as a sacred jewel that represents the spirit of loyalty. Also, Orpheus wrote that Opal “fills the hearts of the gods with joy.”

In addition, the Arabs believed that Opal  had fallen from the universe, and that it had acquired its magical colors. Also, in ancient Greece, they believed that Opal can give their owners the power to foresee and anticipate. Queen Josephine had a jewel called “Troy burning,” named for its dazzling variety. Afterwards, Opal’s hymns continued.

The great literati during the Elizabethan period were among its most passionate admirers. Queen Victoria gave each of her five daughters a stunningly beautiful opal stone.

Opal is the birthstone of October. The species comes from the Latin Opalus, meaning precious gems.

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Tanzanite is not a very old jewel until people found it in the 1960s, by a shepherd boy of the Maasai in Tanzania. In the year when it was discovered, Tiffany and the Tanzanian government reached an agreement to become the main distributor of this blue stone, and named it “tanzanite.”

The tanzanite with rich colors can be blueish and a little purple. Because of its obvious trichromaticity, it can be seen as blue, magenta, or green-yellow when viewed from different directions. It can be changed to blue after heat treatment.

Also, as colored gemstones, color must be an important factor attracting consumers’ attention. Its most appealing color is deep blue and purplish blue. Some people like the light-colored Tanzan blue as the eyes of Elizabeth Taylor.

In addition, the high-quality tanzanite is only produced at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. The mining area is less than 20 square kilometers, which is the only place where tanzanite is produced in the world. With its noble and romantic blue-purple and near-universal origin, it has made its own value rise rapidly in just a few decades. people called it the ” 20th Century’s Gem”.

However, at the same time, although tanzanite was discovered by people for only a few short decades, according to current official data, the Tanzanite quarry will be mined around 2025, just like the ruby ​​and sapphire. As the mining area is depleted, the price of gemstones will grow wild. The international market has listed tanzanite as a high-grade gem. Therefore, at present, almost all international jewelry brands have tanzanite sunflower jewels.
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When referring to Morganite, you have to associate it with Tiffany again. Like tanzanite, it was also Tiffany who brought Morgan to the market. Morganite was first discovered by George on Madagascar Island in Africa. Coupled with Tiffnay’s meticulous design and sparing no effort to promote, Morganite has emerged as one of the most important jewels in the beryl.

In the Tiffany’s 175th anniversary, the giant necklace with a main stone, morgan, weighing 175.72 carats, and surprised the people of the time.

From a different perspective, you can Morgan presents two subtle and delicate colors that are biased toward light pink and dark pink with a slight blue. Due to the scarcity of production and the color of its colors, this unique magenta gem is of high value, and the price of quality is even higher than ordinary quality emeralds.
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Almost all the sunflower jewels designers like to use gold. Because of Its own shining light.

The Sol y Sombra collection of Carrera y Carrera, the Spanish royal jewellery brand, was inspired by the bullfighting scene in the sunlight.

In Spanish, Sol y Sombra represents the sun and the shadows. Carrera y Carrera’s master goldsmiths use different colors of gold and inlaid diamonds on white gold.

For the accurate grasp of alternate treatment of gold scrubs and polishes, the light and shade changes of natural light are outlined. Also, as with the irregular outline of the painting, the glamorous halo of life is vividly presented, making people feel as if they are coming from the bright sun of an enthusiastic city.

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