Sunflower Engagement Ring

Trend One: Marquise-Cut Diamond Sunflower Engagement Ring

The round cut diamond is a classic for sunflower engagement ring designs, also this tradition will continue to be popular in the next few years . However, the brides also prefer other sunflower engagement rings, rather than round, such as marquise-cut diamonds.

Furthermore, legend has it – that the marquise-cut diamond was named after Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of the King Louis XV of France, because of its silhouette resembling that of Madame Pompadour.

Also, marquise-cut diamonds look elegant, and exudes endless charm. From the front it looks bigger than a round diamond of the same weight. Another advantage of it – The marquise-cut ring makes your finger looks longer.

After all, because of so many advantages, marquise-cut diamonds are one of the popular choice to sunflower engagement ring..

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Trend two: Cushion Cut Diamond Sunflower Engagement Ring

The cushion cut sunflower engagement ring exudes the charm from old era,  and is also full with romance and retro style. The cushion cut diamonds have arc-shaped side curves and rounded corners, which makes people back to the early 18th century. It can has many different shapes: elongated rectangles, rounded squares, etc.

The arrangement of facets will also affect the appearance. In addition, some of the most famous diamonds in the world are cushion cuts: such as the Archduke Joseph diamond, the diamond which embedded in Cullinan II’s crown, and Hope, etc. Are you a fanatical romanticist? Then this would be a good choice for you!

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Trend 3: Oval Cut Sunflower Engagement Ring

Oval shaped sunflower engagement rings have many fascinating features.

First of all, it looks much bigger and can makes your finger loos longer, because the oval diamond has a larger surface. Oval diamonds have no sharp corners and are less likely to break. Also, with a bright style cut faceted, its color can be comparable with round diamonds.

After all, with these fascinating qualities, it’s no surprise that oval diamonds have become one of the most popular engagement ring styles.

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Trend 4: Morganite Sunflower Engagement Ring

Morganite is also popular for sunflower engagement ring designs. Because pink is always a sign of romance, and coupled with relatively cheap prices, making Morganite one of the popular engagement ring styles in recent years.

However, the most precious Morganite color is dark pink, because of the result of heat treatment. In addition, Rose Gold is usually the ideal metal to create a Morganite sunflower engagement ring. Because it can deepen Morganite’s pink tone.

Due to Morganite has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, it is easier to crack and break than harder stones, such as diamonds. So we recommend to choose a better protection of the mosaic process, such as package inserts.

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Trend 5: Two-tone Sunflower Engagement Ring- Halo Mosaic


Halo mosaics have been popular for several years. The process is to set diamonds (or other gemstones) round and surround the main stone. However, the reason for popularity is quite simple: Halo not only makes the main stone look bigger.

Recently, more and more designers have begun to use Halo to create contrast. But different gems, or row diamonds can be set in a different metal setting. Because this design can create a contrast effect and make the engagement ring look more vibrant.

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Trend 6: Gold and Rose Gold Sunflower Engagement Ring Mosaic

For years, platinum have been the metals choice for sunflower engagement rings. Although they are still popular, the engagement of gold and rose gold engagement rings is becoming a big thing of this year.

The color of gold is full of warmth, and its appearance reminds us of the Art Nouveau period.

Meanwhile, the rose gold tone is soft and can also be used to create a retro look. In addition, rose gold matches most skin colors. and it is also commonly seen in Victorian’s time.

After all, you can create a classic style by Choosing gold or rose gold ring.

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Trend 7. Custom Sunflower Engagement Ring

It’s certainly more troublesome – wearing the same kind of engagement ring with someone – than  wearing the same kind of shirt!

So if you want your engagement ring to keep up with the fashion trend, and make a difference at the same time, then you must know these most popular and niche engagement ring brands.

However, not only those celebrities, but more and more people are now pursuing individuality and uniqueness. Some people have unique custom-made ring for themselves. And to be honest, you can also make sure your personal taste by having a customized ring.

After all, you may don’t have the  professional sense of beauty as those professional jewelry designers, so it is a better choice to have a ring from a niche and unique brand.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to recommend several  niche jewelry brands to the quest for girls who are going to be engaged. These jewelry brands has younger and richer style than those traditional one. Although some of them are young brands, it doesn’t mean they are without history. Because some of them have more than 10 years, using top-grade gold and diamonds as raw materials.

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Completedworks – Pure, Modern, Small and Beautiful

Completedworks is a high-end jewelry brand in London, founded by Mark and Anna Jewbury. It is a avant-garde design brand and was interviewed by VOGUE, Wallpaper, Vanity Fair, etc. The best endorsements are Alexa Chung and Naomie Harris. Completedworks has also been selected as the most novel and exquisite jewelry brandin 2015, London.

Anna Jwebury is the artistic director of the brand, and is responsible for  defining visual image for the brand. She emphasizes high-quality materials and the most pure elements, and hopes to create a small perfect ring for the brides through simple shapes, more modern colors and precious metals.


Jessica McCormack – the Auction House Grew Up and talented designer

The brand founder, Jessica McCormack was born in New Zealand. She grew op in her father’s auction house and worked in the jewelry department of Sotheby in London.  Her designs are nostalgic and her rings are super classical. The most often used elements are tetris, fallen rings and layers, and they are mostly platinum.

In addition, Jessica has two business partners, one is a diamond trader and art collector, Michael Rosenfeld, who offers her the best diamonds. And the other is Rachel Slack, the member of the Oppenheimer family, a very powerful family who nearly be the diamond monopoly in South Africa.

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Hattie Rickards – A Rising Star in the British Jewelry Industry

Hattie Rickard is also a jewelry designer in the UK. His brand was founded in 2010 and is a rising star. Also, he has rich experience in jewelry design and production, Hattie Rickard’s engagement rings are very popular with modern women. Furthermore, it has a unique aesthetic style, therefore, the unique features will never crash with others!

After all, it has a bold design and is good at mixing gold and other colored stones. The raw materials are locally produced in the UK.

Vale Jewelry – the Ins Influencers’ Style

Vale Jewelry is a New York brand and founded by Ava and Eva. Now it is one of the very popular jewelry brands.

Many European and American bloggers and stars are wearing their rings, such as: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa, Lena Dunham, Gabrielle Union, Malin Akerman, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, and Anna Sophia Robb.  Why Vala jewelry can attracted so many celebrities?? Because they are really good-looking!

Their works are relatively low-key, because the overall design is slim, very modern, and the craftsmanship is fine and charming.

Ava and Eva graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, and they have a very professional understanding of precious metals and precious stones.

Anyway, the brand has almost 10 years history and  is good at using unique mixed gemstones. So Vala Jewelry is definitely a good choice for prospective brides who are not satisfied with traditional engagement rings.


Melville Fine Jewelry – Rihanna’s Favorite Rings

Melville Fine jewelry is a jewelry brand created by Nathalie Melville, a designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010. And Melville Fine’s jewelry has a strong modern design and is impeccable in terms of raw materials and innovation.

Also, their products, whether engagement rings or jewels are worthy to collect.

Last but not least, the materials of their products are traded in Fair Trade in London, so the sources of metal and diamonds are clear. It is undoubtedly a reassuring brand . (This is what Fair Trade is all about: Diamonds are involved in the exploitation of tens of millions of poor miners. So many of them are dominated by unfair markets. Most people face the exploitation of middlemen bellowing market prices. Fair Trade can makes basic guarantees for the miners.)

Katkim – Minimalistic Bridal’s Favorites

Although women love diamonds, not every woman loves diamonds which like pigeon eggs. Therefore, for minimalistic brides, simple and smooth ringing + low-key diamonds are their favorite wedding rings.

And Katkim is the brand for minimalists. Because their products are simple but with a strong sense of design.

In addition, the materials are made from top-quality gems and with sustainable sources. The followers of Katkim in Instagram is more than 30,000. Anyway, this is a modern, exquisite brand that is very popular with urban women.

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