Sunflower Diamond Ring

Sunflower diamond ring’s designs are more and more prefer round-cuts. Because, nowadays, round diamond is the most popular and classic diamond shape, And after several hundred years of development, this cutting process is relatively perfect.

The Shapes of Sunflower Diamond Rings

Sunflower Diamond Ring of Round-Cut

sunflower diamond ring 1

diamond ring  $520

First of all, with greater flexibility in diamond cutting, color, and clarity levels, the diamond’s refraction maximizes the shine and flaws of the diamond. Therefore, if you want the best fire, you must choose the Excellent or Very Good diamond craftsman.

Because the round diamond style is often very simple, they can be worn every day. But under the simple styling, it also has exquisite technology and fine details. Also, they are more suitable for the “more wearable” designs. Through the combination and variation of jewelry elements, they intelligently interpret the different wearing needs of consumers and the specificity and diversity of the aesthetic tastes included in the round diamonds. In addition, Normally, these round-cut diamonds are more expensive than those special shaped diamonds with same weight. Why is that? Because, Gemstones, as a product of nature, are basically formed for 10,000 years, and the yield is very small, so the first principle is – maximizing the use of rough stone and minimizing the loss of precious stones.

Shapes of the original stone is a standard cubic octahedron, and the the round diamond just maximizes the use of the original stone.


Sunflower Diamond Ring of Emerald-Cut

sunflower diamond ring 2

diamond ring $45.77

The emerald-cuts is derived from the emerald stone’s structure and, emerald stone is one of the stones that are most difficult to cut. The nuance of the cutting direction will make the final product show a great difference, so emeralds are often cut into ladders. This method of cutting can completely reflect the gemstone’s gloss. Therefore,  it is the first choice for cutting emeralds.

Therefore, how to  show the most perfect look of emerald needs to be paid attention. According to surveys, the length and width of 8x10mm is a relatively comfortable proportion for human eyes, and it is more symmetrical. However, we see the ratios of Colombian Moussa is mostly 8x9mm, but it looks very good. So how to define the cutting rate of emeralds depends on the original stone itself.

Furthermore, Emerald-Cuts is rectangular, its edges and corners are all faceted like a mirror, and the cutting surface is larger. The cutting surface in the angle arrangement, shape and size are different from the round-cut diamond. Emerald’s unique feature is – for making a unique glow,  pavilion is cut to a rectangular facet, which gives a classic and elegant feeling. Due to the unique cutting of the emerald-shaped diamonds, the table section is larger, and the interior of the diamond is seen more transparent.

Therefore, some subtle inclusions are more obvious. So If you choose a lower clarity grade such as SI grade, then must pay attention to the type and location of the diamond, you can find these information on the certificate. At the same time, the proportion of emerald-cut diamonds is also very different; or if you want an emerald-cut diamond that is close to a square, you can choose Asscher-Cut diamonds.  Remember the most typical emerald-cut diamond aspect ratio is between 1.30-1.40.


Princess-Cut Sunflower Diamond Ring

sunflower diamond ring 3

diamond ring $455


Princess-cut diamond is the most popular special-shaped diamond. The diamonds with traditional princess-cut are equally symmetric on the sides, and the table is large. Therefore,  lights can easier to enter the interior of the diamond, also, the bottom is staggered with V-shaped grooves, because it can gives the diamonds a sparkling brilliance.

And the unique brilliance and cutting edge makes it become even more luxurious and stylish, because the square diamond ring uses four sides of the symmetrical shape, and each corner corresponds to the appropriate responsibility and courage, revealing the love and emotion behind, also, the large countertops allow the light to enter the diamond better, giving off a more glamorous and charming style, so the simple lines make the personality stand out.

In addition, the unique cutting method makes the fire more visible, because the whole diamond passes through the light repeatedly. Refraction is shining and bright, and every aspect is telling the elegance and refinement behind it, although the square diamond ring does not visually look like as big as a round diamond ring, a round diamond ring wastes more material and the price is relatively more expensive. Also, they can not only save a cost, but also has a unique shape and dozens of aspects of the design. Furthermore, its fire is no less than the round diamond ring, and the more angles of refraction makes the whole diamond looks like a princess on the stage.


Oval-Cut Sunflower Diamond Ring

sunflower diamond ring 4

diamond ring $1,050


Oval cuts is based on round diamond cuts skill, so it has the same flaming colors as round diamonds. Also, its length can make the wearer’s fingers more slender and refined. After all, these made oval-cut diamonds are also very popular.

Therefore, if you want to have an oval cut sunflower diamond ring, select one with a length-to-width ratio between 1.33 and 1.66. Also, at the same weight, the oval-cut diamond looks bigger and has a larger surface area than the round diamond. In addition, they has no sharp corners, and the tip is less likely to break up than other fancy shaped diamonds.


Marquise-Cut Sunflower Diamond Ring

The marquise-cuts allows the diamond to be optimally weighted, and visually makes the diamond look larger, and makes the wearer’s fingers look more slender, and the selection of marquise-cut diamonds should with a length-to-width ratio between 1.75 and 2.25.

sunflower diamond ring 5

diamond ring $848


Pear-Shaped Sunflower Diamond Ring

Pear-shaped diamonds are pointed on the top and round at the bottom, so it is also called teardrop-shaped.

Combining the advantages of  oval-cutting and marquise-cutting, the unique beauty of pear-shaped diamond makes it a popular choice for many diamond ornaments. In addition, if it is a diamond ring, it can also beautify wearer’s hand. The better ratio of length to width of this should be between 1.45 and 1.75.

Furthermore, pear-shaped cuts originated in the 17th century and were very popular during Louis XIV in France. About 20% of the world’s famous diamonds have selected such cuts, including the world’s largest diamond: Cullinan, which has been cut into 9 large diamonds, and three of them were cut into pear-shape – Cullinan No. 1, No. 3 and No. 9. Cullinan No.1 enjoys the reputation of “the best diamond of the century” and also known as the “Star of Africa,” weighing 530.2 carats. In order to show its power, the British royal family inlaid this giant diamond on the scepter, symbolizing the power of the king in 1661. So far, this pear-shaped diamond which has 74-refraction is still the world’s largest diamond.

sunflower diamond ring 7

diamond ring $975


Heart-Shaped Sunflower Diamond Ring


Heart-shaped diamond is a symbol of love. Also, it is considered to be the most romantic diamond cut shape and unique romantic style. Therefore, this kind of  diamonds become a unique choice of many diamond jewelry.

Furthermore, if the diamond ring is encased, it is best to use a four-prong setting to maximize the unique shape of the heart-shaped diamond. For the selection of such diamonds, the aspect ratio should be between 0.9 and 1.10.

Also, diamonds vary greatly in shape, and each type of diamond has its own unique characteristics. And the shapes also reflects the wearer’s different personality and taste. So when you are choosing a diamond, you should believe in your own feelings.

In addition to the round diamond, we may also choose other shapes of diamond as a supplementary stone for the ring. Because rich and varied style can better show self style!

sunflower diamond ring 8

 diamond ring, $1,280


How To Find Your Sunflower Diamond Ring?

Rings for shorter fingers

To extend your fingers, you must choose a diamond with long shape, such as oval, horse-eye-shaped or pear-shaped. Finer loops will also increase visual effects. Also, if it suits your lifestyle, long nails can also make your fingers look slender.

Because, In general, a pear-shaped ring is round at the bottom and pointed at the top, which allows it to elongate shorter fingers. And for the people with bigger hands, a pear-shaped ring is also a good choice. Vertically inlaid horse-eye shaped diamonds also can effect on extending the fingers when people are wearing them.


Rings for long fingers

Having a slender finger is something we dream about. And, if you luckily have, you can try a bold and vivid design, such as a serpentine style ring.

Also, the long fingers are suitable for larger sized gems, so you have perfect reason to spend a lot of money on pigeon eggs!  The combination of princess-cut diamond and round diamond also looks very good on long fingers.

Rings for thicker fingers

If your fingers are more sensual, then try to avoid wearing smaller diamonds. Because exposing too much skin on either side of the ring will make the width of your finger more prominent.

Another, a large-sized or medium-sized ring is not only eye-catching, but also can make your fingers look slender. Asymmetric and angular shapes, such as emerald-cut sunflower diamond  rings, also can look good on you!


Rings for small hands

For smaller hands, heart-shaped or princess-cut diamond can be a better choice. Such fine rings look disproportionately on larger, longer hands. However,  in any cutting style, smaller gems are really good for small hands to wear.

Of course, if you already have an lovely ring,  stack it with a wider wedding ring, then you also can create a more pleasing style!


Rings for Big Hands

For those with bigger hands, the small rings may look like you are wearing a fake one. Therefore, the large, bold design is definitely your personal choice. Don’t be afraid to try a gorgeous cocktail ring, because it will looks very nature on you after you get tried.

After all, rings with large gemstones are ideal for wearing by fleshy fingers, but avoid choosing thinner ring loops.


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