Get Bored of Common Designs? 10 Unique Engagement Ring Picks!

Jewelry Trends / Monday, August 27th, 2018

I guess, as a girl, you must have seen so many designs for engagement ring but still have no idea which one to choose- they just look so same! Picking a perfect and unique engagement ring is such an important matter, for both sides! So, why don’t take a look at our picks for unique engagement ring? It will help, I am sure.

unique engagement ring ideas 1

Carved Agate Nefertiti Cameo Ring $3,125

  1. This engagement ring is from Acquie Aiche. Yellow gold pave and diamond carved. What made it so special is that the inserted portrait of Agate Nefertiti, the beauty from Ancient Egypt.


unique engagement ring ideas 2

Nova Rose SP $7,600

2. This modern designed engagement ring has 3 linked rose gold bands and is with pink sapphires. It is a perfect choice for your lovely girl.


unique engagement ring ideas 3

Crescendo Flare Ring $1,800

3. This special shaped ring band wraps your finger, which can make your finger look longer. Also, the small sapphires bring you elegance.

unique engagement ring ideas 4

White Light Pave & Lone Baguette Square Ring $1,480

4. Have you ever tried square rings? This 18K yellow gold square engagement ring can really be your unique choice!


unique engagement ring ideas 5

Nomad Diamond And Opal Eye RIng $1,525

5. As what we discussed in Opal engagement ring post, as an mysterious looking gemstone, it is perfectly used with this eye design. Ancient, mythical and legendary.

unique engagement ring ideas 6

Margaret Asscher Cut Engagement Ring $14,600

6. If you think one diamond is not enough for your engagement ring, how about two? This ring from Ashley Zhang has two Margaret asscher cut diamonds and is with an open wrap design, which is definitely the best choice for your unique engagement ring!


unique engagement ring ideas 7

Orange Sapphire and Purple Spinel Ring $5,800

7 .Maybe you are tired of gold and white? Want to try some bright color? Of course, then you should not miss this ring which is with an orange sapphire! I am sure it will bring you so much passion!

unique engagement ring ideas 8

Secret Diamond Initial ring $2,500

8. Putting your Initial into a secret engagement ring isn’t an awesome idea? It is really a perfect way to make your ring to be unique!

unique engagement ring ideas 9

Bea Arrow Ring $1,350

9. Who says gemstones look boring? This one which is with sterling silver, rose gold and black diamondsand, blackened rutilated quartz catches my eyes!

unique engagement ring ideas 10

Leda The Swan, Rubies $3,200

1o. For those girls who are pink lovers, like me, this rose cut diamond engagement ring two pink rubes can be the top choice in the list! Elegant and modern design, why not?!