5 Jewelry Blogs That I Must to Check Every day

About Blogging / Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

When I first came to jewelry industry, searching jewelry blogs was the most important thing for me to do, and now I still keep discovering new blogs. A high quality and authority blog can bring you the most useful, important news, also, education. But my search result for jewelry blogs was not that promising. Because unlike fashion blogs, the quantity of jewelry blog is quite small, let alone find the good ones.However, after keep doing my searching job, there are 5 jewelry blogs that I really, really want to recommend you. They all have high quality contents, interesting language, educational information and amazing pictures! You must need them if you want to learn the newest stuff about this industry.


GEMGOSSIP by Danielle Miele

jewelry blogs- gemgossip

Danielle is a jewelry blogger with passion for antique pieces. To my surprise, she has been running GemGossip for over 10 years, which is a really tough work for a blogger. Now GemGossip is one of the top jewelry blogs in this world. I love this blog because Danielle is high maintenance for jewelry, all of her collections are amazing and marvelous. Also, because of her own passion for antique jewelry, you get chance to take a look at unique designs which are real art pieces. In addition, she shares many knowledges about gems, such as the secrets of finding the perfect rings for you and the ways to pick an engagement ring



GEMOLOGUE by Lisa Urla

jewelry blogs- gemologue


Lisa is a professional jewelry blogger, NYC-educated gemologist. When you browse her blog, you will discover that Lisa is doing an excellent job of connecting jewelry with her lifestyle, which is just like her intro: Liza felt the need to build a space where she could express herself and her passion for jewelry. Another reason for me to recommend Gemologue is that Lisa’s deep knowledge about jewelry industry, and it has also made her to be an influencer.


jewelry blog- diamonds in the library


DITL is my favorite jewelry blog, ALWAYS! It has been founded by Becky Stone, a jewelry lover, for over 5 years. Becky used to be a full-time copywriter and has degree of literature. When you look at her blog, you will be attracted by the simple website design and high quality of contents. She usually shares the amazing pieces that she found and book reviews. The most important thing is, she is the friendliest bloggers that I’ve ever seen. Also, she also treats her job every seriously- 3 blog post and 1 book review per week, replying all the comments on time, strict requirements for sponsor posts… You won’t see any irrelevant contents or ads on her blog pages, just enjoy your reading!


BIZZITA by Esther Ligthart


jewery blog- bizzita


This Blog is all about Luxury JewelryThe founder, Esther Ligthart has an outstanding background of international luxury jewelry marketing. In this blog, you can read many high-quality articles about the newest jewelry trends, designs and high-end jewelry brands. Esther has a sharp and acute foresight and strong mindsight about luxury jewelry, no matter in marketing or sales. Therefore, I highly recommend you read this blog, I bet you will rewarded a lot from it.



GEMHUNT by Catherine Cason

jewelry blog - gemhunt


All about Fine JewelryGemhunt is the first jewelry blog I followed, and it makes me to check every day. This blog was found by Catherine Cason in 2016. Although this blog doesn’t have a long history like the other blogs, its contents of great insight has deeply attracted over 170K followers on social medias. Gemhunt does interviews with different designers, in which you can learn the truth of jewelry industry, also, useful and helpful tips for jewelry purchasing from professionals.

Those are the 5 jewelry blogs that I must check in every morning. If you love jewelry, check these blogs and jump on the trend! 🙂