Sunflower Ring

Floral design was trendy 5 years ago, now it is back. However, sunflower has inspired so many jewelry designers than most of other flowers like daisy. Compare to other flowers, sunflower has its own language: adoration, loyalty and longevity. Moreover, it could remind us warmth and hope.

So, if you are going to pick a ring for yourself, or for your lover (see our sunflower engagement picks), sunflower ring will be the best choice. Some well-known jewelry brands has come up with their own sunflower designs, such as My Sunflower Ring from James Avery, sunflower collection from Harry Winston, etc. However, except these big bands, Etsy is a perfect place to find well-designed and handmade sunflower rings.  So, we picked  22 sunflower rings that start from $3.09 from different designers, we believe you will find the one you like.


BAOLAISI Circle Sunflower Rings

BAOLAISI Circle Sunflower Rings ($3.09)

DALARAN Sunflower Cubic Zirconia Ring

DALARAN Sunflower Cubic Zirconia Ring ($9.99)

SOVATS Sunflower Antique Blossoming Style Ring

SOVATS Sunflower Antique Blossoming Style Ring ($31.9)

sunflower ring gold white

Bantu Project, Sunflower Ring White Gold ($15)


Delicate Sunflower Ring Gold

Delicate Sunflower Ring Gold ($44.95)

Little Green Room, Autisan Sunflower Stack Ring ($34)


sunflower ring

Jade Fir Co, Sunflower Ring ($25)


Zircon Diamond Sunflower Sterling Silver Ring

Zircon Diamond Sunflower Sterling Silver Ring ($35)


belleetoile, sunflower ring

Belleetoile, Sunflower Ring ($195)


Sundance, Blue Sunflower Ring

Sundance, Blue Sunflower Ring ($128)


Michael Michaud, Sunflower Ring

Michael Michaud, Sunflower Ring ($132)


Atherine Weitzman, Sunflower Ring

Atherine Weitzman, Sunflower Ring ($200)


Park Place, Sunflower Ring ($475)

Park Place, Sunflower Ring ($475)

Georg Jensen, Sunflower Ring Large ($525)

Georg Jensen, Sunflower Ring Large ($525)

Local Eclectic, 14K Gold Diamond Sunflower Ring ($520)

Local Eclectic, 14K Gold Diamond Sunflower Ring ($520)


Sunflower Ring ($650)

Sunflower Ring ($650)


Front Jeweler, Black Round Diamond Sunflower Engagement Ring ($1,695)


Gemvara, Round Cut Sunflower Ring ($2,220)

Gemvara, Round Cut Sunflower Ring ($2,220)


Truly Zac Posen Double Sunburst Diamond Halo Engagement Ring ($2,490)


Eravos, Sunflower Ring ($2,235)

Eravos, Sunflower Ring ($2,235)

Kataoka Jewelry, Diamond Sunflower Ring ($2,980)

Kataoka Jewelry, Diamond Sunflower Ring ($2,980)


kataoka jewelry,Diamond Sunflower Ring-Supreme ($4,980)

kataoka jewelry,Diamond Sunflower Ring-Supreme ($4,980)


Sunflower Ring: The TOP 5 Handmade on Etsy With Affordable Price

Top 5.

Blue Topaz Sunflower Ring

sunflower ring 5

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  • Handmade item
  • Style: Edwardian
  • Can be personalized: Yes
  • Band color: Silver
  • Gem color: Blue
  • Gemstone: Topaz
  • Material: Silver, Stone


This pick was inspired byHarry Winston‘s new Sunflower Ring collection.  Their sunflower ring looks classic, but low-key. Gems with different colors- blue and red!

As early as the 1950s, the passionate sunflowers inspired the designer of Harry Winston with its moving inflorescences and natural elegance. The classic flower form has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for high-grade jewelry.

The design of this series is to radiate gorgeous diamond petals from the dazzling central round brilliant-cut main stone. Through the radiant brilliance of the diamonds, each piece of jewelry can be easily matched during the day and night.

Harry Winton: used to owned one third of the world’s most famous legendary gems

Harry Winston was founded in 1932 and younger than those jewelry brands that with more than 100 years history. However, the founder, Harry Winston had been strongly obsessed with gem. That is his own hand in this image – the smaller blue diamond is a super-named “Hope Diamond” with a curse effect, weighing 45.52 Kara; the largest one is the Catherine the Great Sapphire, weighing 337.10-carat; and the middle emerald-cut diamond is The Jonker Diamond, weighing 126 carats, and is also the first legendary diamond that Harry Winston owned.

Mr. Harry Winston is often in tracking diamonds alone, he has been able to catch up with diamonds from Europe to the United States, which brings great risks for insurance companies. Therefore, he requires that no photos of his face be known to the public.


How did Harry Winston make a name in jewelry industry?

Mr. Harry Winston is really young and the country’s brand Tiffany is 181 years old this year, not to mention the other old brands in Europe. And it is either like the younger brand, Graff, which has diamond mine behind them. So young Mr. Harry Winston simply couldn’t get the diamond’s trading share of each year.

But he could stand out in this industry is entirely because of his own vision and perseverance about gems, and he was smart enough to came up with this way to find gems – antique jewelry recycling and various auctions. Also, there are a lot of jewelry brokers who were trained by Mr. harry Winston around the world. Also, he always arrived on the scene in the first place wherever out of new gems. And if he did not catch up, he can continue to track buyers and do everything he can to get fancy gems.

Why Harry Winston is also called- celebrities’ jewelry business owner?

Because the jewelry brand sponsors the red carpet of stars to be a pioneering achievement of Harry Winston, he is the originator of this perfect marketing method.

As early as 1944, Harry Winston had a super power Hollywood producer friend, David Seznik who is Hitchcock’s favorite producer. His wife is the representative actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Jennifer Jones. And it happened to be that Jennifer Jones was nominated for Best Actress Oscar and in order to keep her looks charming in the red, so David Seznik found a friend to help, and Harry Winston lent his jewelry to her. And that night, she really was the Oscar winner.

Since then, David Seznick has led the way. Oscar’s red carpet and Hollywood actresses are shining brightly with Harry Winston. Think of all those heroines in Hitchcock films- Ingrid Bergman. Grace Kelly, etc.. each one is an era icon. Soon, Harry Winston attracted Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow… it has become the first jewelry brand with Star effect premium.


Top 4.

Sunflower Ring Gold

sunflower ring 4

  • 18k solid gold band
  • 2 carat round diamond, Color F – G, VS clarity
  • Diamond total carat weight 0.1 carat, color G, VS clarity
  • Band Width:1.5mm

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This pick of sunflower ring gold reminded me of Victor Barbone, a very popular brand in New York City. It is a retro-tempered jewelry brand known as Eternal Treasures, and its main products are engagement rings and wedding rings. Victor Barbones jewelry is unique in all aspects, including metalworking, sculpting, carving, engraving and hand-inlaid stone. It combines various techniques to create unique jewelry!

The designer,Andria, graduated from the business school of the College of Charleston and is an unassuming diamond student of the GIA. She and her husband now based in New York, tried hard to create a perfect engagement ring for 5 years, until developed one vintage antique ring with a traditional foundation cut.

What let her have a special understanding of the engagement ring is- unique and timeless! The brand name is from an Argentina story which means to pursue perfect details. From the delicate Victorian style of ring to the decorative arts and crafts, you can see that this is a brand with great precision.


TOP 3.

Blue Sapphire Sunflower Ring

sunflower ring 3

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  • Main Stone: Sapphire
  • Size: 8 x 6 mm
  • Weight: ~1.7 ct
  • Cut: Faceted/Oval
  • Clarity: IF
  • Color: Deep Blue

If you are happening to be a big fan of Sapphire, you absolutely cannot miss this pick! This wonderful sunflower ring, girls, I got inspired from a blue sapphire floral ring from Emma Franklin, another very inspiring brand!

There are always avant-garde young people in the world who wear vestments. Emma Franklin is dedicated to these unconventional people! So, if you want to have a sunflower ring but with cooler design, check out Sri Lanka!  The sunflower ring with sapphire!

The designer, Emma Franklin graduated from the School of Art and Design in Central Saint Martins. It is how she focused on the creation of distinctive engagement rings and wedding rings that made this brand become so unique, and their product line is also engagement and wedding rings.

Emma uses London’s local professional modern technology, and exquisite craftsmen to create a lot of jewelry products which like art and architecture.

Her Art Deco style works are with high-grade materials, such as 18ct yellow, white, rose gold and platinum series most sought after! The materials she is particularly good at are diamonds, sapphire, rubies and emeralds. Also, her works often inlaid with stones on the sides and bottom of the ring, which makes a strong structure.

In addition, Emma Franklin’s rings can be customized in London. You can receive the finished products in 6 to 12 weeks. It depends on the degree of difficulty of craftsmanship and detail.

TOP 2.

Sunflower Vintage Ring

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  • Stone: Aquamarine
  • Shape: oval
  • Colour: VS
  • Size: 5x7mm
  • Inner Halo: 16 diamonds


How can you miss out vintage sunflower ring??We’d like to talk about it here, because of a well-known jewelry brand, Bucclatti.

The New York Institute of Luxury Research and Investigations conducted a – “luxury value index” survey of 20 top jewelry brands among high-end consumers. And the results show that Bucclatti, a jewelry brand from Italy, won in the brilliance of Bossini, Bulgari, De Beers, Earl, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels, with Harry Winston and Cartier occupying the top three positions respectively.

This year, Buccellati has a hand-crafted ring of white gold and yellow emerald gemstones. Emerald green represents the earth, and the fourth ray is also green, but she is so beautiful, and tolerant that it transcends any restrictions on the earth and perfectly integrates with the earth, which made the entire design looks like a bright sunflower.

Also, for a long time, the essence of Italian traditional art has been preserved in a small number of “artist families”, and Buccellati is an outstanding representative of them. In the field of gold art and jewelry creation, it acts as the “savior”, bringing the Renaissance tradition of craftsmanship to the highest and most beautiful realm.

Furthermore, the name” Buccellati” appeared as early as 1758 in a small gold shop Gold Jewelry in Milan, but its scale and fame were not great. In 1906, 14-year-old Mario Buccellati of the Buccellati family learned from Milan’s most prestigious gold craftsman – to learn how to make gold and silver artwork.


Gianmaria Buccellati

The founder of the brand, Mario Buccellati, was born in 1891 and opened his first store of the same name in Milan in 1919. He then moved to the international market and has branches in Paris, New York, and Florida.

In 1949, Mario Buccellati was commissioned by Pope Pius XII to create a coat of arms for Princess Margaret as a gift to the British royal family – for a further visit to the Vatican City in hundreds of years later. The work is now housed in the Chianciano Art Museum.

Gianmaria Buccellati is the son of Mario Buccellati. He founded his own brand in 1971 after his father passed away. In 2011, the two brands, Gianmaria Buccellati and Buccellati, were integrated.

Gianmaria Buccellati, together with his professional colleagues in 1973, initiated the Italian Gemological Institute (IGI) and served as Chairman of the Institute for 25 years.

Brand History

In 2014, the brand launched a wedding dress series, a high-tech jewelry collection and the world’s most expensive iphone case.

In 2015, the brand opened a store on Madison Avenue in New York City, and also launched an art collection inspired by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist styles. This series was designed by the youngest designer Lucrezia Buccellati and her father Andrea Buccellati.

Also, the brand has repeatedly cooperated with museums to launch exhibitions. In 1995, the The Art of Buccellatiwas exhibited in the California Academy of Sciences and the Royal Ontario Museum. In 2000, “Buccellati: Art in Gold, Silver and Gemswas exhibited in the National Nature of the United States; in 2006 the A Silver Menageriewas exhibited at the Huntsville Museum of Art; in 2008 theBuccellati, Timeless Art was exhibited at the Kremlin.

Although Bucherat has branches in Tokyo, Monte Carlo, and the United States, the Bucclati store in Via di Condotti in Rome was the best proof of the achievements of Bucherat. It is very interesting that this store is the only Buclati jewelry shop in the world that was still on the site of the opening.


 TOP 1.

Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring

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  • 1/4″ x 3/4″ sunflower
  • 100% solid .925 sterling silver


This pick is for silver lovers! Well, then you must know George Jensen when it comes to silver. Personally, I really into their sunflower designs- simple and pure. And it is why I pick this one as one of my TOP5.

Unlike diamond dealers, Georg Jensen started with silver accessories. Mr. George Jensen is not only a founder of jewelry brand, but also a collaborator, sculptor, and artist. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and recognized as the greatest silversmith in the past 300 years.

Inspired by sunflowers, the vibrant Sunflower collection for this year is both cute and full of playful designs, making people feel the pure nature of the sunflower blooming in the sun.

5George Jason’s work has always been regarded as Denmark’s national treasure. After rigorous and prudent examination of the royal family for a period of 10 to 15 years, it finally won the Royal Authorization issued by the Empress. It has a long history of originating with the royal family.

And the inspiration for its classic DAISY collection came from the birth of Danish Princess Margaret in 1940. Therefore, many people think that DAISY is a symbol of Denmark.

George Jensen has been 111 years since the creation of the brand in 1904, and attracted Vivianna Torun Buluw-Hube, Henning Koppel, Bent Gabrielsen, Nina Koppel and many other talented designers. And each of them is constantly enriching Jensen’s works in the fields of jewelry, watches, silverware, and decorative arts.



Etsy has been the best marketplace for Jewelry for me. You can find the best beautiful handmade sunflower ring there with reasonable price, and this post is only the TOP5 in my view. Now you want to go to Etsy and start to search your favorite sunflower ring!